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Equipping of Well No. 31 and Lampson Reservoir Pump Station Improvments

City of Garden Grove
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Project Description

Garden Grove drilled Well 31 into the deep aquifer at its Lampson Reservoir Site. The well provides up to 4000 gpm of high quality water, which not only increased the City’s sources of supply, but also provided the following:

  1. It replaced the use of existing cable tool drilled Well 23, which is advancing in age and beginning to experience reductions in capacity.
  2. It allows the City to utilize the full capacity of Well 28 in the nitrate blending operation, and still meet the regulated MCL limit for nitrate concentrations.
  3. The extra capacity provided by the new well allows the City to divert water to its West Pressure Zone. The diversion improved operations and reservoir turnover in the West Pressure Zone.  It also eliminated the need to replace existing Well 16, which supplies the West Pressure Zone.
  4. The well has the capability of pumping into the on-site reservoirs (discharge pressure of 10 psi), or directly into the closed distribution system at a discharge pressure of 60 psi. This allows the City to supply the East Pressure Zone, if the Lampson Booster Station or reservoirs are out of service.


AKM prepared construction plans, specifications, and estimates, and provided bidding and construction inspection/management services for the project.


Design, Construction Support


City Of Garden Grove