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Victoria Lateral

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Project Description

The Victoria Lateral is Lateral II of the Harbor-South Bay Project.  It is supplied from the 42-inch Carson Main, south of Victoria Regional Golf Course and west of Avalon Boulevard, adjacent to Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Del Amo Drain.  It provides recycled water to Victoria Golf Course, Victoria Regional Park, landscape irrigation along Avalon Boulevard, and California State University, Dominguez Hills.  The project consists of 5,780 feet of 30-inch, 465 feet of 24-inch and 75 feet of 16-inch diameter welded cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe; and 860 feet of 12-inch Class 200 PVC pipe, as well as connections to the Victoria Golf Course and the median irrigation.


AKM’s scope of work included hydraulic analysis of the proposed lateral for the purpose of ascertaining the pipe sizes; evaluation of pipe materials; six (6) alternative pipeline alignments; preparation of final plans, specifications and estimates; and construction support services.  The project plans included cathodic protection for the pipeline and construction traffic control. Construction support services included participation in the preconstruction meeting; shop drawing reviews; responses to requests for information; and as needed field reviews.


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