Construction Management and Inspection

Joint Transmission Main Vaults Upgrade

South Coast Water District
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Project Description

AKM provided construction management and inspection services for the Joint Transmission Main Vault Upgrade Project for South Coast Water District. Work included construction of structural and mechanical improvements to four valve vaults, one water meter vault, and one drain unit. Scope of work included: removal of large diameter ball valves (24” and 30”), removal of 42” ball valve, removal of 24” water meter, extension of existing concrete vaults walls to above ground and installation of aluminum access hatches, installation of new ladders, vent pipes in the vaults, construction of 24” steel pipe spools in the place of removed water meter and valve, installation of Owner provided 30” ball valve and miscellaneous site work.



The major mechanical work was completed during a 14-day shutdown of the JTM line which required coordination with both SCWD and Moulton Niguel Water District operations staff as the JTM line is jointly owned and operated.  In order for all work to be completed within the shutdown duration, and to the quality standards set forth in the Contract Documents, AKM’s team conducted pre-shutdown field meetings and inspected all materials required for the work prior to the shutdown.  The work during the shutdown was completed one day earlier than anticipated. 


The project was located within a private gated retirement community and required close coordination with the property management company and community representatves.  With consistent and clear communication regarding the construction activities and their potential impacts, the community representatives were able to properly plan and communicate with residents.  As a result, the project received no resident complaints.


Construction Management and Inspection


South Coast Water District