PFAS Treatment Systems

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Project Description

-The project includes the construction of lead-lag dual media pressure vessel systems with PFAS selective ion exchange resins, pre-treatment cartridge filters, and piping and appurtenances for PFAS treatment facilities at Pico Water District’s Wells 5A, 8, and 11. AKM prepared an Engineering Report to be reviewed by the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water, and assisted the District with coordinating the required pilot study with the resin manufacturer at of the District’s Well 11. AKM also provided construction management and inspection services for the project.

The improvements included new reinforced concrete foundation slabs, 2 to 4 ion exchange vessels and 2 to 3 cartridge filters per site, as well as new instrumentation and appurtenances, and the relocation of the disinfection chemical injection locations. AKM also prepared pre-purchase specifications for the dual media vessels, ion exchange resin, and the cartridge filters. The project was awarded to AquoUSVets as a piggyback to the San Gabriel Valley Water Company and City of Pico Rivera projects.


Design, Construction Management, and Inspection


Pico Rivera Water District


Design completed in 2022 / Construction Management and Inspection scheduled completion in late 2023