Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility R.O. Clean In Place Waste Discharge Project

Construction Management and Inspection
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Project Description

AKM provided construction management and inspection services for the project.  Which was within an existing water treatment plant.  AKM’s team was stationed on-site on a construction trailer to support the project which involved sequestering and then neutralizing the clean-in-place solution waste for the existing reverse osmosis (RO) system in order to discharge to the local sewer system as opposed to the treatment facility’s brine line, which it discharges to.  Specific project work elements included demolition of an existing solids contact clarifier and construction of two cast-in-place reinforced concrete neutralization tanks for the RO clean-in-place waste, including a corrosion resistant coating, discharge and recirculation pumps, associated valves and piping; construction of a new RO clean-in-place waste sump for the collection of RO clean-in-place discharge from the RO trains including new pumps, piping and instrumentation; rehabilitation of the existing RO waste sumps 1, 2, and 3 including a new coating system, pumps, instrumentation and controls; new sodium hydroxide transfer feed pump including new piping and instrumentation; and a new sodium hydroxide day tank and modifications to the existing sulfuric acid tank farm including 2 new metering pumps.


Problems/Issues: The project required over 23 system shutdowns within the plant which had to be carefully planned and coordinated with both West Basin as well as their contracted Plant operator Suez.  Not completing work within predetermined shutdown durations was not an option as the District faced large financial fees from their large use customers if recycled water service is delayed any longer than the shutdown duration.  AKM was instrumental in coordinating all of the necessary parties to discuss and perform field walk-throughs of the shutdowns. 


Several unforeseen conditions, like subsurface facility conflicts were encountered onsite.  As a result, the AKM field team worked cooperatively with the Contractor, West Basin, and the design engineer of record to find alternate routes for the installation of several large electrical duct banks, as well as other underground utilities.


The final result was a properly constructed project that was tested and is currently operating as designed.


Design, Construction Management, and Inspection


West Basin Municipal Water District